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11 Reasons Why the Military Has an Edge with Guaranteed VA Home Mortgage Programs

by Jon Silver

One of the advantages of being in the US armed forces is the guaranteed military loan, also known as the VA Home Loan Program that is administered by the Veterans Affairs Administration. The VA mortgage program makes buying a home or refinancing a home much easier for military members and veterans. With VA mortgage rates still very low in 2016, it is possible for many military people to enjoy the benefits of home ownership. Continue reading to learn about VA home mortgages, and the 11 reasons the military has an edge with the availability of guaranteed military loan programs:

1- VA Loans Are Easier to Qualify For

Most conventional loans sound like a great deal, and they are, but you have to have a higher credit score to get the interest rates you see advertised on TV. For many conventional loans, you must have at least a 720 FICO score to get the best interest rate. Meanwhile, VA mortgages are easy to qualify for. These guaranteed military loans like the VA are backed by the US government. This means that the government will pay back the mortgage lender if you default on your loan. This means that banks are assuming much less risk by extending loans to people with lower credit scores.

2- VA Program Will Not Deny You on Low Credit Alone

You cannot be denied just because you have poor credit. And most VA lenders will not automatically give you a higher interest rate if you have a low score. Also, the guaranteed VA mortgage program only reviews your last 12 months of credit history, unless you have a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the last few years. Those two issues may slow the approval process, but you still can be approved.

Note that you do need to prove you have sufficient income to pay back the loan, but a low credit score alone will not stop you. Take a minute and see if you can find VA lenders to offer you a pre-approved home loan so you can make an offer on the house of your dreams.

3- No Down Payment Required

One of the biggest benefits of a VA-loan is that it is one of the few 100% financing mortgage products left on the market. After the subprime loan crash, most 100% financing instruments disappeared in the mortgage industry. But because of your service, you can qualify for a zero down loan.

4- Adjustable and Fixed Rate Mortgages Available

The US government guarantees VA loans, so this attracts a broad selection of mortgage lenders to the VA loan market. You can choose from all sorts of mortgage loans for your specific situation.

If you are only going to live in your home for two or three years (very common for military members), you may opt for an ultra-low interest rate adjustable mortgage. Or if you are retired and plan to stay in the home for many years, you may go for a 30 year fixed mortgage.

Guaranteed Military Loans

5- Start Looking Without Certificate of Eligibility

You do need to have your Certificate of Eligibility eventually to get a VA loan approved and closed. But you can start shopping for a guaranteed military loan right now and get that certificate later. Once you have started the loan application process, your mortgage lender can work with the US government to get your certificate.

6- Military Loan Refinancing Also Available

If you are a current VA loan holder and want to refinance to a lower rate, you can refinance without having to re-qualify. This is known as the VA Streamline Refinance Loan Program.

7- VA Rates Are Low

Because guaranteed VA loans are backed by Uncle Sam, the banks can offer reduced rates to military members and veterans. In some cases, the current VA mortgage rates could be a full point below typical mortgage interest rates. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your VA home loan.

8- Aggressive Underwriting

Due to the guarantee by the US government on these loans, underwriters for mortgage companies tend to be more flexible with lending requirements on VA guaranteed military loans.

9- No Mortgage Insurance Required

If you put less than 20% of the purchase price down, you usually will have to pay private mortgage insurance. This is a requirement on FHA loans, for example. However, VA loans have no PMI requirement and this can save you $100 or $200 per month on your payment.

10- No Prepayment Penalty

A VA loan does not prevent you from selling your home if you decide you need to move. There are no extra fees for paying off your loan early.

11- Closing Costs Are Low

The VA limits lenders on the closing costs they can charge you. This is another thing that makes guaranteed VA loans more affordable than conventional loans`.

VA mortgage programs are a great advantage of serving in the US military. There are many financial benefits to a VA loan that you have to have been in the military to enjoy. As you are shopping for a home loan, you should be looking at all of the military loan products that are available to you.


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