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In plain English, we built this website to help renters become homeowners. FirstTimeHomeFinancing.com publishes great articles to help consumers become homeowners. We believe that every American deserves affordable housing and one of our top goals is to help people save money in the home buying process. Truly a "penny saved is a penny earned" when it comes to the quest of homeownership. This company was founded in 2007 as the U.S. financial meltdown shocked the world community. When creating this site, we uncovered a significant opportunity with home buying grants and down-payment assistance. We want to share our knowledge so more people can realize their dreams of owning real estate.

FTHF is the foremost mortgage service for consumers who are searching for lenders that specialize in mortgages for first time home buyers. If you want a trusted site for getting current interest rates in an effort to minimize housing expenses monthly. This website is a highly regarded financing platform that connects people with banks, lenders and brokers regionally and nationally.

How the Process at FTHF Works

By logging on to www.FirstTimeHomeFinancing.com, consumers can easily research, compare and lower many of their monthly bills, free of charge. We provide a service at no charge. Consumers go online and submit their personal info particular and then the system pairs them with companies that can meet their needs.

Home Loan Products

At FirstTimeHomeFinancing.com, clients can be connected with competitive lenders that will then contact to discuss loans, pricing, eligibility and terms. FirstTimeHomeFinancing.com assists people searching for finance companies that best meet their needs:

  • 1st Time Home Mortgages
  • Down-Payment Assistance
  • FHA, VA and USDA House Loans
  • Mortgage Programs backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Private Money Solutions

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