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New FHA Loan Program with Lower Mortgage Insurance Stimulates Housing Sector

It should not surprise people that the Federal Housing Administration maneuvered competitively in the marketplace by reducing the monthly mortgage insurance required with FHA house loans. For over eighty years, this government housing agency has been insuring mortgage programs for new home buyers, consumers in equity challenged neighborhoods and low income households. The Federal Housing Administration has always been a bridge for homeownership in thousands of counties across the United States. The fact is that the monthly mortgage insurance had crept up over the last decade in an effort to pay for a surge in mortgage defaults and delinquencies. As the market has improved, FHA made a move in 2015 to ensure affordable housing for millions of Americans with a new FHA mortgage programs that boasts of reduced insurance rates. The bottom line is that this program cuts housing expenses for first time house buyers across the country.

See the chart below that underlines the savings yielded by FHA's the new reduced MI.

How Borrowers Are Benefitting from the Lower 2015 FHA Mortgage Insurance

FHA Loan Amount

Savings Per Month

Savings Per Year





































Please be aware that under this FHA loan program, the Federal Housing Administration reserves the right to require monthly mortgage for the life of the loan. Talk to an FHA approved lender that understand your situation and compare loan offers and disclosures from multiple finance companies before making a commitment and signing final loan documents. - Shout out to Dan Green and the Mortgage Reports for their statistics in table above.


First Time Home does not offer mortgages or direct financing. is a website that offers information about house financing and does not promise that all applicants will be approved for the new FHA loan program with lower mortgage insurance. This website and its affiliates have no affiliation with the FHA or any other government agency. This website offers a information about lending services by publishing editorial content related to the U.S. finance sector.

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